Monday, July 28, 2014

Style vs LIFEstyle: Print & Patience

AuH2o Vintage Shirt, Forever 21 Skirt, Zara Sandals

Print & Patience

Print on print is such a "must" in my world of fashion. This tribal inspired theme was easy to put together and came out flawless if I do say
so myself.  A simple tip to conquering this print on print trend is to stay within the same color palette and try to mix larger prints with smaller prints.  Also, try neutral make-up to balance out your printed fit.

What is it with me and patience?  I have had the hardest time lately in wanting things now and having instant satisfaction.  I have had to tell myself "no" so often that I've become annoyed with myself.  I'm a hard worker and have had to exercise a tremendous amount of patience especially after my move.  So, it's astonished me of how impatient I have become. This week I promised myself that I would make a conscious effort to take things in strides and to enjoy what I have and not become irritable over what I feel that I should have.  I'm stepping my game back up and working harder than ever....and I will maintain a patient attitude while I do so. 

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