Monday, August 25, 2014

Style vs LIFEstyle: Beach Please (Part. 2)

Converse Bathing Suit, Forever 21 Cropped Top, Heart of Gold Designs Head Piece 

Style vs LIFEstyle: Beach Please (Part II)

Just when I thought the summer was escaping me, I was able to enjoy and grasp some of the last days of summer on the beach.  My
swimsuit is simple which matched my personality this weekend of wanting nothing over the top but a simple and relaxing weekend. The hunter green bathing suit complemented the cropped blue t-shirt to the T.....and not to mention the amazing head piece from Heart of Gold Designs.  This versatile headpiece not only complemented the tan that I got this weekend but definitely made me feel like a goddess.

Being able to get away physically is nice but being able to get away mentally is therapeutic.  So many life changes have been happening and sometimes for me the best way to escape is to just to clear my schedule and mentally let go.  With my sister being back from her summer break it's even easier to relax in the comfort of her presence.  Over the weekend simple tasks such as grocery shopping and cleaning has brought a comfortable familiarity and soundness that I feel like I have lacked over the last month.   It's amazing what great company, great laughs and great conversations can do for the mind, body and soul.



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