Thursday, August 28, 2014

Style vs LIFEstyle: Summer Endings

Michael Kors Heels, Necessary Floral Jumpsuit, H&M Purse

Style vs LIFEstyle: Summer Endings 

Wow....the summer flies by in the city every single year.  One moment the sun is out until 9pm and the next it goes into hiding by 7pm.  So, I'm trying to do everything in my power to wear all of my summer clothing while it is still remotely warm.  Hints the floral jumpsuit.  I like
to keep some outfits playful and not think really that much into it.  Sometimes you have to just let go, have fun and enjoy a colorful ensemble every now and then.

Endings are inevitable.  We can't dodge them even if we wanted to.  Often times they are unexpected while most times we could feel it in our gut all along.  I feel that gut feeling of being on the brink of something while being so close to closing a chapter in my life.  Nervous?  Of course I am. Not knowing what lies around the corner can often be daunting but that's what makes life so intriguing.  For the chapters that have come to an end close them.  And for the new novels of life that are waiting to be open go ahead and flip open a new passage.  Well..........what are you waiting for?

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